Our customers testimonials
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David Burton
Davul Aksa
Procurement Engineer
Renaissance Heavy Industries
We are thrilled with the inflatable warehouses Aviatech delivered. We knew very quickly that we would be able to utilize these structures again for various projects.
Our executive team saw immense value and decided to purchase an additional hangar for the comfort of our staff. Aviatech met our extended expectations, which were beyond their standard product line, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Aviatech inflatables cost less than permanent structure, but the real saving is in time.

David Burton
Nycholas Wiseman
Program Director
Partnering with Aviatech was a major asset to our organization, due to their friendly and knowledgeable team. Not only did they understand our needs, but…
… they also weren’t afraid to ask the right questions to ensure a high-quality service. Their assistance, guidance, and maintenance has helped us serve our customer Tengiz Chevron Oil to exceed their expectations. The team at Aviatech complemented the Sarens team and are a trusted resource and reliable business partner.”
David Burton
Jaime Rivera
Deputy Chief and Engineering & Technical Advisory
British-Chilean Pole Mission
Going into this project, we knew this would be a unique case for any company to work on. Aviatech exceeded our expectations in terms of customer service and the work they do.
Their team delivered us a great solution for our Union Glacier Scientific Expedition support mission, which has been in its planning stages for several years for now. It is their extensive experience and knowledge in hangar engineering that allowed Aviatech to execute such an outstanding result.”
David Burton
Nikolay Chyudov
Chief of Department
Russian Helicopters
Our vision was simple. We wanted to provide excellent customer service on all of our helicopters. Traveling to customers to overhaul Mi-17 helicopters was a big change for our daily operation.
Without the support of inflatable structures, this vision would not have come to reality.”
David Burton
Ibrahim Davoglu
Business Development Director
In our industry, the demands coming from projects of large magnitude are often met with hesitation from subcontractors. Aviatech did not allow the challenges of this project, especially short lead time, to hinder their ability to perform.
We are tremendously grateful to the Aviatech team for partnering with us and providing such a wonderful solution to our immediate warehousing challenges.”
David Burton
Peter Van Der Reen
Fleet Manager
Taking on a project in a region labeled ‘uninhabitable’ requires special attention to ensure the safety of our staff and equipment.
Aviatech understood of our challenges. The provided a solution not only met our expectations but all of the security and HSE requirements of the site.”
David Burton
Stephan Norter
Business Development Manager
We knew the most cost-effective, long term solution to personal aircraft ownership would be to acquire our own hangar.
The Aviatech team made this process easy and seamless, helping us in meeting all of the security and safety requirements specified by civil airports.”
David Burton
Oliver Traub
Head of Logistics
Sourcing an alternative to a standard hanger was going to be quite a challenge for our procurement team. Luckily, Aviatech guys resolved our issues with building permits.
They gave us a facility that we can embed with future projects. The team at Aviatech is highly skillful, and without hesitation, I highly commend their work.”
David Burton
Ibrahim Kim
New Construction Dpmt Director
BTS Tunneling
Our company is built on the foundation of constant innovation. We want to make sure we reach integrity on all projects, and with the assistance of inflatable hangar, we were able to do just that.
Through excellent engineering and problem solving, we got the perfect solution to keep our staff and equipment safe.”
David Burton
Thomas Krall
Head of Logistics
Hitachi EH3500 trucks are vital for our business. We found ourselves in a position, where it was unreasonable to move our haulers off-site for service, and we couldn’t bring anyone in from outside to build a maintenance garage on site.
My department investigated multiple options to solve the situation. With the majority of solutions in the market, you will face long-lasting legal processes and lengthy construction. Our partners recommended us Aviatech, as they have participated in several remarkable projects in our region and are well-known to be a reliable supplier.”