Facility for creating facilities

The world’s largest pipeline extension immediately required hangars for hazardous materials and equipment in highly humid area.

Customer Yamata
Size 375 m²/each
Terrain Hard soil
Project Amur GGP
Purpose Temporary warehouses
Climate Heavy snowfalls, tropical and humid summer
Location Amur, Russia Tengiz

Expedited facility for remote location

Amur Gas Processing Plant (AGPP) announced its vision to become the largest processing plant in the world. Yamata Yatirim was awarded the contract for construction of the project's temporary facilities and related infrastructure to bring this vision to life.

The company had to start its activities immediately due to a very tight project timeline. However, the first challenge that Yamata needed to resolve was an empty location with nothing around for many kilometers. Recognized by the industry for their experience with superstructures, Yamata had to act fast on impending challenges. The expensive construction equipment, tools, and materials that were required to accomplish the project had to be protected from the severe climate and sheltered in a temporary structure for the entire lifecycle of the development.

Frequent heavy snowfalls in the winter, as well as hot and humid summers persistently create workflow inefficiency for the team requiring lightning-fast implementation of the facilities. 


Yamata’s priority was the speed of erecting their own facilities, so the company was able to start providing services to its customer as fast as possible. It was also critical that the temporary hangars would withstand the environment during the entire lifecycle of the operation.

The Russian Far East territory hosts severe climates year-round. In this region, subarctic winters bring heavy snowfalls, while the extended summers remain tropical and humid.

Hazardous chemicals in the construction industry, coupled with the humidity meant that the metal frame structures were susceptible to erosion and rust. Having experienced such damages to metal frame hangars in the past, Yamata wanted to avoid repeating past issues. Additionally, traditional temporary structures are slow in production and erection, as well as expensive in transportation.

Keywords: erosion, hazardous chemicals, immediate mobilization, isolated location

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Delivered materials and accessories

Fast delivery and erection of the hangars were imperative to the success of this order. Aviatech supplied Yamata 3 (three) identical 15 meters wide and 25 meters long (375 m²) shelters with 50-days turnaround time.

As the power supply is unstable in the region, the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system was significantly extended to ensure the hangars remain inflated for a minimum of 24 hours in case of the power outage.

The hangars’ delivery sets included LED lighting, remotely accessible telematics systems and an electric winch system for the front and rear gates (6 meters).

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Results and execution

The lightweight and compact nature of the hangars allowed express delivery on regular passenger flights. As Aviatech inflatable structures do not need foundation and therefore are considered temporary facilities, the hangars were set up without any building permits. Erection was fast and smooth with no special tools in use.

Theoretical knowledge exchange and practical exercises took place during a 10-day intensive training session with Aviatech supervisors crew. Ten members of the Yamata staff were present at this course, partially held in the nearest town of Svobodny and later on moved to the erection site.

General information
Quantity of hangars 3
Deployment time 72 hours
Team 13 workers
Power consumption 1.5 kWh
Tools None
Gates 6x6 meters

“In our industry, the demands coming from projects of large magnitude are often met with hesitation from subcontractors. Aviatech did not allow the challenges of this project, especially short lead time, to hinder their ability to perform. We are tremendously grateful to the Aviatech team for partnering with us and providing such a wonderful solution to our immediate warehousing challenges.”

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About customer

Founded in 1999, Yamata Yatirim is appreciated within the construction industry for its large number of superstructure and infrastructure projects in former Soviet Republics, Europe, Middle East, and North Africa. Directly employing over 3600 field employees, Yamata’s projects are supported by more than 400 professional team members including architects, engineers, designers, project managers, and financial analysts.

Yamata Yatirim started construction of the facilities for AGPP in the winter of 2018. AGPP is set to be one of the largest natural gas processing plant in the world. Once completed, AGPP will be a strategic link in natural gas supplies to China servicing natural gas volumes of 42 billion cubic meters per year.

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Reinforced PVC to withstand harsh climates
Immediate deployment without construction permits
Lightweight and compact for fast delivery
Extendable UPS system to protect from power outages
Light-weight and relocatable construction
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