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Sarens faced challenging HSE regulations and demanded a carefully engineered facilities for their remote operations in Tengiz oilfield.

Customer Sarens NV
Size 672 m²/each
Terrain Desert
Project TCO Future Growth Project (FGP)
Purpose Crane and SPMT maintenance facility
Climate Cold desert climate
Location Tengiz, Kazakhstan Tengiz

Keeping the local ecosystem protected

Environmental protection and Health and Safety regulations were front of mind for Sarens upon commissioning facilities for their Tengiz oilfield job. Sarens initially required eight facilities for their remote operations, for sites that are heavily regulated to meet the TCO (Tengiz Chevron Oil) qualifications. Each contractor working on the project was obliged to undertake a three-week training to ensure standards of safety and work process meet the highest criteria of the Oil and Gas industry.

With the environmental protection regulations in place, it was essential that the surrounding ecosystem was restored to its natural state upon completion of the project. Sarens looked for movable structures that were quick in manufacturing and required minimum resources to erect at the start and demobilize once the job is done.

Aviatech inflatable hangars were a perfect fit, as they are not only movable, but they can be deployed quickly on whatever terrain without any specific preparations. The portable nature of the hangars meant that instead of constructing eight facilities, the customer was able to manage with only five over the entire lifecycle of the project. The solution not only helped Sarens in meeting TCO HSE criteria, but it also meant their calculated costs were significantly lower than competitor figures.


Tengiz oilfield is situated in a remarkably remote district, being over 400 km away from the nearest city. With a travel time of eight hours to the site, anything that was left behind during the preparation phase was not able to be recovered at the work location.

Due to the desert location of the erection site, it is prone to sandstorms and high winds. The weather varies from extreme heats of up to +60 °C and wild cold fronts as low as -35 °C.

Tengiz oilfield also contains a large proportion of gas which is rich in the compound hydrogen sulfide, yielding poisonous sulfur. Therefore, abiding health and safety regulations were of the utmost importance for any contractor working on the operation.

To ensure that regulated standards were met, each team working on the project needed to be highly skilled and carefully selected. Tengiz oilfield strict entrance policy required several weeks training for contractors to obtain security clearance for the remote site.

Keywords: extreme heat, HSE, limited access, poisonous sulfur, remote, wild cold

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Delivered materials and accessories

Aviatech provided five hangars in various sizes. Two larger inflatable hangars with 8×8 front and 6×6 back gates and three smaller shelters with 6×6 front and back gates.

Hangars were equipped with an advanced LED lighting solution of 200 LUX (138 watts), mobile heating systems to withstand icy cold fronts during winter and mobile air conditioning systems for the extreme desert heats.

Due to the weather extremes of project location, each of the hangars was fitted with autonomous power back-up system to ensure they will remain operational during power outages. Integrated automation system and weather station can be remotely accessed over a cellular network to ensure complete safety for the Sarens staff and equipment while occupied.

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Results and execution

Aviatech exceeded Sarens expectations by delivering on the whole project one month ahead of schedule, even with the decision-making process creating slight delays. The efforts put in by the Aviatech team allowed for delivery of the first tailor-made hangar in just 31 days, two weeks ahead of the defined schedule.

Due to the wintery conditions, one of the hangars was deployed in Atyrau, Kazakhstan and served as a temporary warehouse for tools that arrived before project launch. The hangar was relocated to the actual operations site in Tengiz, 400 km away, in late spring to meet the customer’s deadlines with TCO.

The remaining four hangars arrived at Tengiz and CaTro sites in early January and demanded a staged setup approach, once Sarens was ready to host Aviatech erection supervisors.

General information
Quantity of hangars 5
Deployment time 48 hours
Team 12 workers
Power consumption 3 kWh
Tools Forklift
Gates 2 gates, 8x8 meters

“Partnering with Aviatech was a major asset to our organization, due to their friendly and knowledgeable team. Not only did they understand our needs, but they also weren’t afraid to ask the right questions to ensure a high-quality service. Their assistance, guidance, and maintenance has helped us serve our customer Tengiz Chevron Oil to exceed their expectations. The team at Aviatech complemented the Sarens team and are a trusted resource and reliable business partner.”

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About Sarens

Sarens has been the market leader in the heavy lifting and engineering transportation industry for over 60 years. Their state-of-the-art equipment and value engineering allow them to deliver creative and intelligent solutions to their clients’ challenges.

Their position as market leaders is a true testament to the four generations of family, who have been intimately involved with their business growth and reputation. Their company vision is at the heart of their daily work; nothing too heavy, nothing too high. It is this vision that has seen their thriving enterprise to service over 60 countries worldwide.

Why should you consider inflatable hangar for your next EPC project?

Designed to meet the HSE regulations
Fast deployment, disassembly and packing
Relocatable, leaving behind no trace of existence
Comes standard with autonomous power backup system
Deployment on any type of terrain
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