A project of an epic proportion

Cost-effective clear span facilities for projects where equipment is too big for traditional warehousing.

Customer Renaissance Heavy Industries
Size 1250 m²/each
Terrain Ground and concrete
Purpose Storage and maintenance workshop
Climate Humid summer, freezing winter
Location Saraxani, Azerbaijan Tengiz

Warehouse outcome for hazardous chemical works

The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic possesses the largest gas processing plant in the region. The president of the country commissioned RHI to develop new facilities in an effort to upgrade and demolish all old production sites. Renaissance Heavy Industries was appointed the construction contract for this significant project.

Renaissance Heavy Industries (RHI) is a subsidiary a large general contractor, Ronesans Holding. Headquartered out of Turkey, Renaissance Heavy Industries also operate their business out of Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The project worth $1.6 billion (USD), will see Renaissance Heavy Industries responsible for all exterior facilities, road infrastructure, communications, and various operational functions.

To accommodate the new equipment and undertake routine maintenance, RHI had to acquire materials storage and manipulation facilities. Maintenance workshops had to house heavy machinery, as well as be functional for welding, soldering, and painting of the construction metal elements. The scale of the project which takes place in various locations and in separate stages required these temporary facilities to be quickly portable to other sites.


Projects of immense proportions require large pieces of material, processing equipment, and machinery. Through extensive research, Renaissance Heavy Industries found out that most of the reasonably priced storage facilities would require internal metal framing to support the structure. However, the equipment and materials utilized in the project would simply not fit in such structures. The customer was looking for an alternative solution.

The weather conditions in the region fluctuate throughout the year – hot, humid summers and freezing winters. Not only such environment is harmful to the equipment, but it also complicates working conditions for the workers decreasing the efficiency.

Welding, soldering, and painting within an enclosed space leads to aggressive chemicals being released into the atmosphere. To ensure the workers’ safety and the longevity of the new facilities, Renaissance Heavy Industries needed to source temporary structures that are capable of withstanding the aggressive environment.

Keywords: aggressive chemicals, gigantic equipment, humidity

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Delivered materials and accessories

Renaissance Heavy Industries acquired two 1250 m² hangars. Shortly after deployment, they placed an order for an additional one, as they were extremely pleased with the product. Staff was delighted with this purchase, as it serves for an entertainment space at meal time.

The hangars offered automated and remotely controllable switchboard, 6 x 6 meters front and rear gates, LED lighting, telematics system and an extended uninterruptible power source (UPS) for protection from power outages.

The upgraded automation significantly reduced energy consumption compared to previous hangar designs.

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Results and execution

The additional technological advancements necessary for these facilities, required the Aviatech team to put all hands-on deck. Even with the extended specification, Aviatech finalized the project one week ahead of promised schedule.

Aviatech supervisors gave comprehensive training to 15 Renaissance Heavy Industries staff. This detailed training consisted of transfer of expertise, practical exercises along with erection demonstrations.

General information
Quantity of hangars 3
Deployment time 72 hours
Team 15 workers
Power consumption 5 kWh
Tools None
Gates 6x6 meters

“We are thrilled with the inflatable warehouses Aviatech delivered. We knew very quickly that we would be able to utilize these structures again for various projects. Our executive team saw immense value and decided to purchase an additional hangar for the comfort of our staff. Aviatech met our extended expectations, which were beyond their standard product line, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”

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Renaissance Heavy Industries

Renaissance Heavy Industries (RHI) is a subsidiary of the construction branch of Rönesans Holding that is headquartered in Ankara and owns the world’s 53rd biggest construction company, Renaissance Construction.

The company employs over 10,000 employees worldwide and has received contract awards for projects in all industrial sectors: metallurgy, hydrocarbons, power, mining, and processing plants. Renaissance Heavy Industries operates globally, filling its projects portfolio in many countries across the globe.

Is your equipment too large for standard warehouses? Ask for our internally frameless facilities!

No metal poles and foundation
Wide and high gates for large equipment
Heavy-duty ventilation for chemical works
Light-weight and relocatable construction
Constant technological advancements
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