Powerless site given the light

With non-electrified infrastructure around, Nabors inflatable hangars are powered by solar energy.

Customer Nabors
Size 375 m²
Terrain Hard soil
Project Various
Purpose Welding facility
Climate Humid continental
Location Point Hope, Alaska Tengiz

When equipment protection is a top priority

Nabors Industries is one of the world’s largest providers of offshore platform rigs. The company operates in the United States and numerous international markets. Nabors has built its reputation through constant innovation and its operational excellence.

As an industry leader, Nabors faces various challenges when it comes to employee protection and equipment safety. These challenges magnify when the resources they require are located in some of the most remote and environmentally sensitive terrains.

Their company mission is to continue to set new standards for the industry while maintaining a low carbon footprint. Faced with a new site with no electrical infrastructure, Nabors had an opportunity to acquire a mobile facility, to house their fault detection and welding services with low energy emissions. 


Severe weather and fragile environmental terrains are of vital importance in the planning stages for Nabors. Their global operations require fluency and conformity to each of their operation sites.

The welding process generates dangerous chemical compounds, requiring health and safety measures to be in place. Therefore, all facilities need heavy-duty ventilation system to remove all hazardous chemicals from the workspace.

On a standardized site, these challenges are not a difficult obstacle to overcome. However, with their upcoming project in the far east, they faced a remote site which had no electrical infrastructure in place.

Keywords: chemical compounds, fragile environment, HSE, non-electrified site, welding

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Delivered materials and accessories

For Nabors team to stay true to their goal of lowering the company’s carbon footprint, engineers integrated a hybrid solar-diesel generator into the delivery set. It was a first of a kind for the Aviatech team. All of the Nabors internal operations on site, are now made possible with this standalone electrical infrastructure.

Aviatech took extra measures to fit the hangars with powerful ventilation systems to reduce welding fumes and keep harmful toxins out of breathable air. Ventilation is powered entirely by the hybrid generator.

Each other deliverable for this project came as standard, including the size (15m x 25m – total 375sqm), expedited delivery in a 20-feet container, lighting system, remote telematics system and wide gates (6×6 meters) fitted with an electrical winch system. Aviatech delivered on the project in 47 days.

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Results and execution

Aviatech supervisors ran in-depth training for nine (9) of the Nabors staff. Each of the team members participated in practical exercises and HSE demonstrations. The customer’s dedicated project manager participated separately in the operations and maintenance awareness program.

In just 24 hours, the new inflatable warehouse was deployed and ready for Nabors to commence their activities.

General information
Quantity of hangars 5
Deployment time 72 hours
Team 17 workers
Power consumption 2 kWh
Tools Hand tools only
Gates 6x6 meters

“As leaders of our industry, we like to set the precedent of ethical construction. Since initial discussions, working with Aviatech has been harmonious. Their recommendation to include solar panels to reduce our carbon footprint was met with delight. Aviatech and their team are highly experienced in their field, and we look forward to a long term partnership.”

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About customer

Nabors is a global S&P 500 oil, natural gas, and geothermal drilling contractor, with approximately 500 rigs across 20 countries. Nabors is committed to the safety of its employees, stakeholders, as well as to the protection of the environment around the company’s activities. Their operational excellence drives them to improve their training, processes, policies, and procedures continuously.

Nabors owns and operates one of the world’s largest drilling rig fleets and provides offshore platform rigs in the US and multiple international destinations. Nabors’ highly skilled workforce continues to set new standards for operational excellence, leveraging the company’s advanced drilling automation capabilities.

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