Uninhabitable land

Large maintenance hangars for inhabitable land, often referred as ‘The End of the World’ by the locals. Area of the strictest HSE regulations and extreme weather.

Customer Mammoet
Size 1400 m²/each
Terrain Soil
Project Yamal LNG
Purpose SPMT maintenance workshop
Climate Polar
Location Sabetta, Yamal Peninsula Tengiz

Wide span space customized for SPMTs

Yamal LNG commissioned Mammoet to provide a transportation network for their Sabetta Seaport development.

The customer required the hydrocarbon mixture produced from the wells to be sent to the integrated treatment and liquefaction plant prior to further distribution. Production of this size needed non-conventional trailers to assist with operations. Specializing in oversized equipment transportation, Mammoet provided Scheuerle SPMT and Goldhofer self-propelled mounting trolleys. Self-propelled trailers carry loads up to 36 metric tons per axle line.

The Yamal Peninsula (Russia) lays in 24-hour daily darkness throughout most of the winter. It is one of the most northern settlements in the world, and the climatic conditions are quite severe. The temperature often drops to as low as -57ºC.

As part of its service, Mammoet provides ongoing maintenance and repair of the equipment for the lifetime of the project. To meet the HSE regulations for protection of the staff, as well as the material, Mammoet needed an enclosed clear span space for the parking, maintenance, and repair of the self-propelled mounting trolleys.


The severe nature of the climatic conditions in this region makes it almost uninhabitable for humans. The ‘Nenetler’ indigenous tribe of this northernmost tip of the world called this region Sabetta, meaning ‘The End of the World’ because the region is shrouded in darkness for much of the year and temperatures frequently falling to -57ºC.

Having to base out of the port, this made obtaining a building permit impossible due to the governing bodies security regulations. HSE regulations are also highly regulated to ensure that all the staff working in the region is protected and kept safe.

Considering all the above, the inflatable hangar looked to be the most feasible choice over permanent construction for a time-limited project.

Keywords: building permit, environmental regulations, highly regulated HSE, polar night, uninhabitable

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Delivered materials and accessories

Aviatech produced three (3) hangars, each with dimensions 20 meters wide and 70 meters long (1400 m²). From conception to availability, Aviatech delivered the structures ahead of schedule in under 80 days.

The Aviatech team organized expedited delivery through standard ground transportation. Each hangar set included LED lighting system (200 LUX), autonomous power back-up systems and diesel-powered heating system to withstand the below freezing temperatures.

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Results and execution

The temporary nature of the inflatable hangars granted Mammoet access to the Sabetta Sea Port with their own facilities, as no construction permits were required. It allowed Mammoet to maintain the equipment in warm facilities much more efficiently. Thus, making inflatable hangars one of the vital components of the project.

Upon delivery of the hangars, the Aviatech supervisors held an in-depth training session for 17 of the Mammoet staff. The course included theoretical preparation, deployment and operations training.

General information
Quantity of hangars 3
Deployment time 96 hours
Team 17 workers
Power consumption 5 kWh
Tools No tools
Gates 6x8 meters

“Taking on a project in a region labeled ‘uninhabitable’ requires special attention to ensure the safety of our staff and equipment. Aviatech understood of our challenges. The provided a solution not only met our expectations but all of the security and HSE requirements of the site.”

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Mammoet has been in operation for over 200 years and currently employs over 5000 staff globally. Their international activities provide solutions for lifting, transporting, installing and decommissioning large and heavy structures.

Their focus lies in the growing logistical challenges in the petrochemical and mining industries, civil engineering, power generation, and offshore projects.

Looking for temporary facilities for an uninhabitable region? Take a closer look at inflatables!

Regulated interior temperature
No building permits required
Large sturdy structure for oversized equipment
Easily relocatable
Meets health and safety regulations
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