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Aviatech has delivered over 200 custom made hangars. Our portable hangars are carefully crafted for a vast array of industries and in-house architects will help you increase operational efficiency.

Aviatech prefabricated structures deliver your business unprecedented mobility. Covering the harshest climate zones across globe, Aviatech extends your business capabilities and speeds up operations even in the most remote locations.

Most intersting cases:
Build to last, built to move

Sarens faced challenging HSE regulations and demanded a carefully engineered facilities for their remote operations in Tengiz oilfield.
Made to move

A relocatable large shelter improves tunnel construction operational efficiency and allows customer to focus on rock drilling.
Facility for creating facilities

The world’s largest pipeline extension immediately required hangars for hazardous materials and equipment in highly humid area.
Uninhabitable land

Large maintenance hangars for inhabitable land, often referred as ‘The End of the World’ by the locals. Area of the strictest HSE regulations and extreme weather.
Powerless site given the light

With non-electrified infrastructure around, Nabors inflatable hangars are powered by solar energy.
Steady working environment

Created for short term projects, Aviatech temporary hangars changed Halliburton business model for the better.
Bringing maintenance on site

Inflatable clear span facilities were the only cost-effective structures to bring Hitachi haulers maintenance on site and significantly decrease costs.
When you need a hangar, yesterday

Aircraft maintenance hangar designed with CAA regulations in mind. The customer procured a movable facility for Pilatus PC-12.
Construction without building permits

After a construction permit denial for traditional structure, Aviatech assisted Liebherr to gain the same facility as temporary hangar.
A project of an epic proportion

Cost-effective clear span facilities for projects where equipment is too big for traditional warehousing.