Maintenance and repair are an essential day to day function for all heavy-duty equipment. Having the right facility on site saves time and money. Aviatech inflatable hangars are carefully crafted to ensure safe and secure warehousing solutions for increased operational efficiencies.

Portable workshops

Operational efficiency reduces when your project workshop is at a different location than the project at hand. Frequent equipment maintenance extends the lifetime of heavy duty equipment, while onsite product manufacturing reduces production costs. Aviatech modular inflatable workshops are a seamless mobile solution to providing onsite support, repair, equipment assembly and product manufacturing.

Protection from Hazardous Chemicals

Across a broad range of industries, remote workshops and repair facilities are vital for day to day operations for heavy machinery. Activities that take place in such spaces, often release harmful and toxic chemicals into the environment. Aviatech hangars can be customized to ensure ventilation is of HSE standards. While the reinforced PVC facility is strong enough to withstand the dangers of welding and soldering in closed environments.

Flexible and mobile storage

Oversized equipment and machinery such as self-propelled modular transport and cranes require safe storage space. Aviatech inflatable structures are scalable and can be customized to any size. The lightweight nature makes them the perfect choice for remote workshops where adaptability is a top priority. The modular design makes our hangars capable of quick dismantling. The toughened materials allow for protection of expensive machinery and safety of personnel from precipitations and harsh conditions.

Onsite repair

The high costs associated with an emergency breakdown of equipment is a major issue for companies operating remotely. Relocating broken equipment back to manufacturers is not only time consuming but usually comes with a hefty invoice attached. Operating an onsite workshop for routine repairs is a much more cost-efficient way to ensure the project remains uninterrupted.

Temperature controlled environment

The cementing industry is one of many trades that require climate control workshops to ensure the quality of products they produce. The slight fluctuation in the external environment can lead to product distortion, which is extremely undesirable for fast-moving businesses. Aviatech hangars are developed from high-tech PVC materials to withstand extreme climate fluctuations. Allowing production to continue year round.