Tunnel Construction Hangar

Risking project interruption due to unstable external environments can lead to loss of contract or high expenditure on equipment maintenance and staff productivity levels. Aviatech inflatable hangars move with the project while keeping your staff and equipment at maximum productivity levels.

Hangars for tunnel construction

Tunnel construction projects are extended over substantial distances. The equipment is expensive and often oversized; this ensures maximum efficiencies. Protection and maintenance of tools are vital to avoid interruptions in the tunneling process. Aviatech has delivered on multiple tunneling projects with great success due to the ease of relocation and sturdiness of the inflatable hangar solution.

Moving with projects

Building tunnels is not a stationary process, often spanning over hundreds of kilometers. The constant back and forth relocation of oversized equipment is time-consuming and weighs heavy on organizational budgets. Aviatech inflatable hangars are engineered to be seamlessly repositioned due to their light-weight design. Undoubtedly making these the best solution to solve any frequent relocation challenge.

Protection from external factors

External weather environments place havoc on tunneling projects, any fluctuation in the weather rapidly decreased labor efficiency. Weather extremes such as snow delays the equipment warm-up time and also reduce worker efficiencies due to illness from exposure. Aviatech inflatable hangars are great for equipment protection, ground cover and staff comfort. The hangars are integrated with diesel-powered heating systems to maintain the standardized temperature of the surrounding environment.

Increase overall working efficiency

Hauling equipment at shift end, from the project site back to traditional warehouse structures, weigh heavy on project budgets and time allocation. Being exposed to non-stabilised climate conditions also reduces machinery performance, increasing the start-up time and maintenance frequency. Sheltering equipment in an Aviatech inflatable hangar stabilizes the environment and temperature allowing for maximum efficiencies for equipment and the workers.