Warehousing and Storage

Expensive tools and over-sized equipment require shelter from the extremes to minimize the risk of fault. Aviatech makes storage easy with their portable inflatable hangars. Quick setup, low deployment costs, and customizable design make our hangars the ideal storage solution for industrial equipment of any size.

Temporary Warehousing Solutions

It’s proven to be more efficient to host a warehousing or storage facility on your project site. This cuts out the time and money spent hauling your large industrial equipment back to your companies’ warehouse. Aviatech inflatable warehouse solutions don’t require extensive building, they are easily deployable and relocatable making them the best alternative to traditional warehousing and storage.

Customize for any size,

Flexibility and sturdiness are what companies are looking for when deciding on solutions for large-scale storage and warehousing. Aviatech inflatable hangars, come in a variety of sizes and are customized to suit business requirements. Modular design and resistant fabric make it easy to expand the size of the structure, adding further storage space in a few short days. Aviatech provides additional support equipment, creating a solution that is truly tailored to your business.

An environmentally friendly solution

Temporary warehousing solutions: Many sites have environmental protection regulations in place, requiring surrounding environments to be restored their natural state upon completion of their project. On top of that, the production of traditional facilities alone requires extended equipment hauling and materials that are not reusable. Aviatech hangars solutions meet all requirements when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint. Inflatable hangars are made to last, allowing use for multiple projects, and when dismantled they leave no trace behind.

Equipment Longevity – Temporary Warehousing

Leaving expensive equipment out in the open dramatically reduces the lifetime value of the expensive equipment and often leads to breakdown or faults. The introduction of an on-site storage facility keeps tools and heavy-duty equipment secure and safe from external factors. The customizable sizes that Aviatech are produced in allow for perfect storage or warehousing for equipment no matter how large.