High winds, extreme temperatures, and elevated salt content create less than ideal situations when dealing with maritime operations. Stakes are high, and resources are scarce. Designed to be deployed with minimum human resources and withstand strong winds, Aviatech hangar systems are an ideal choice for maritime operations

Hangars for shipyards

The maritime industry has seen substantial increases in the number of ships, as well as an expansion of ports, harbors, and shipyards. The proximity to the water led to undesired weather conditions resulting in damage to equipment and declined staff safety. Aviatech inflatable hangars are expertly designed and engineered to withstand harsh weather and provide shelter for equipment and staff.

Safe housing for equipment

Strong winds, wet weather, and high salt content are a dangerous match for expensive equipment. Leaving equipment out to face the elements while you are servicing maritime equipment, leads to breakdown and faults. Using patented technology, the mobile pneumatic hangars are highly robust against weather conditions keeping the internal environment safe from external factors.

Maintain and build large vessels

Maintenance and building services in the maritime industry are met with many challenges mainly due to the size of the vessels and equipment. Traditional structures require private metal foundations to withstand the conditions of the site impeding the ability to build and maintain large ships. Wide span inflatable structures allow larger equipment to be serviced without the need to relocate individual parts.

Bypass heavy regulations

Seaports and shipyards are many regulations in place due to high security and safety risks. Obtaining security permits to allow outside contractors onto the ports are extremely expensive, and permits for traditional buildings are prohibited. Aviatech inflatable hangars are the perfect solution to meet these requirements. The relocatable nature of the hangar requires no building permit for the erection and Aviatech host training sessions to educate staff on correct deployment tactics, so no extra security permits are required.

Quick deployment, little manpower

Military vessels need to operate in some of the world’s harshest climates with no additional workforce to spare. Aviatech hangars do not require extensive training to maintain and are quickly deployed, which makes them a go-to solution when a quick response is needed. High mobility, which is guaranteed by state-of-the-art modular design, ensures the hangars are ready for any crisis, expected or otherwise.