Recreational time is essential for everyone to create a sense of well-being in their day to day lives. Aviatech inflatable facilities serve as the perfect recreational space. Their long lifespan combined with quick deployment and adjustable indoor conditions allows for recreational events of all types.

Air Domes for sports and recreation

Employees are proven to be much more productive in their work when they have the right work-life balance. Recreational activities in many industries can be a challenge due to weather conditions as well as the remote locations they are deployed. Regardless of the climate surrounding, Aviatech inflatable hangars provide comfortable, protected and safe facilities for recreational activities.

Customizable for any activities

Recreational activities come in all shapes and sizes, from live music events to sporting tournaments each one is unique. While sheltering from the external elements is important in bad climates, internal ventilation is equally important. Customizable up to 3000 square meters, Aviatech portable structures are the perfect solution for all recreational activities. Reinforced materials can withstand extreme climates, while state-of-the-art window and door design ensure comfort for all.

Increase community revenue

Facility rentals are a great way to increase revenue into local communities. Development of recreational buildings is not always viable in certain societies due to a cost of development, building permits, and environmental protection laws. Aviatech hangars are a great way to bypass the usual challenges, as they are portable, quick to set up and don’t require building permits. Renting the facilities to the public for hourly use is a great way to return the investment spent, and long term can generate profits.

Recreation solution for remote destinations

The introduction of an entertainment space will positively impact the work-life balance for people working in remote locations. The high cost of development often impedes companies’ ability to set up a space for their staff. Aviatech inflatable hangars are easily relocatable and can be delivered by commercial airliners to remote destinations all over the world. The ability to reuse the facility countless times makes them a cost-effective solution.

Rain, Hail or Shine

Outdoor activities can be hard to organize, as there is no way to predict the weather conditions. When it’s too hot or cold, washed out or windy the result often leads to events being postponed or canceled. Setting up an Aviatech temporary hangar helps not only minimize the risks of weather interruption but also gives you explicit control over indoor conditions. Customizable with heating and cooling options, people can enjoy events all year round.