Mining hangars for the mining industry

Aviatech inflatable hangars are the perfect solution for any mining challenge. Easily relocatable and carefully crafted for the unique landscapes, these hangars are perfectly suited for all mining sites.

Mining Hangars made for tough terrain

Aviatech temporary structures are designed for fast relocation and equipment protection from the external environment. Mining hangars are easy to deploy even in the most remote destinations on any terrain and perfectly fit for maintenance and service of heavy machinery on site. Whether it’s a short-term geological exploration mission or routine extraction of minerals, inflatable mining hangar will make your movement around mine-rich areas easy.

Move effortlessly from A to B

Mining enterprises don’t have the luxury of choosing their next mining area and the majority of mines are distant from the cities. The relocation of equipment from one area to the next within the mine often leads to an extension of transportation routes and increases the distance to maintenance facilities causing higher expenses. The design of the inflatable mining hangars makes them extremely portable, fast to erect, easily transportable and they don’t require building permits for the deployment.

Withstand the harshest climates

The abundance of mineral resources is often located in some of the world’s most inaccessible terrains, making staff safety and well-serviced equipment a top priority for mining organizations. In most cases, sturdy maintenance and housing structures prove to increase the danger, as they cannot withstand the pressures coming with the extreme weather conditions. Aviatech inflatable facilities offer high resistance to environmental conditions, pretention from velocity speed of up to 120 km/h, and snow loads 35 kg/m2.

Anchor down anywhere

Mining sites may harbor fewer resources than expected, meaning that collected resources will not justify the expensive deployment of traditional facilities. Traditional facilities made of concrete and steel are too cumbersome to employ in these situations. Following intense research, development, and engineering, Aviatech developed a unique universal fastening solution for their mining hangars. It allows the customers to secure the hangar to any surface – ice, concrete, any ground. The customer the choice either to fix the hangar to the surface by anchors or ballast.

No permit, no problem

The mining industry is often met with heavily governed regulations. The temporary nature of Aviatech mining hangars meets worldwide mining regulations and does not require building permits. The erection process meets the toughest regulations of HSE.

Environmentally friendly facility

Minimize your environmental footprint. Your mining industry hangar does no harm to the surrounding nature and there will be no sign of your large facility after you deflate and pack it.