Disaster Management

Natural catastrophes and human-made disasters are extremely difficult to predict. Governing bodies worldwide need to be prepared for when disaster strikes and Aviatech inflatable hangars are the quickest and most efficient solution on the market.

When disaster strikes, humanitarian relief is an immediate priority for all governments. Housing citizens who have lost their homes, response planning and supplies distribution are essential to get the country back on their feet in the shortest amount of time. Aviatech hangars are low cost, quick to deploy and can provide immediate shelter for people and inventory.

Versatile All-Purpose Shelter

Governments, non-government organizations, and corporations carry the primary responsibilities when it comes to proving relief to people in their region. Providing care, medical aid, supplies, shelter, and communal support is a top priority in the instance of natural or human-made disasters. Aviatech inflatable hangars have several advantages over conventional disaster management solutions. They are deployed quickly, easily transportable, and they are resistant to severe weather circumstances.

Immediate sheltering

Natural disasters often occur in extreme weather conditions, getting people to safety in these events is always the top priority. Citizens who are impacted by these disasters are often scared that disaster will strike again; therefore they need a safe and secure location to feel protected from the elements. Aviatech inflatable facilities have been deployed in some of the most extreme weather conditions across the globe, from icy terrains in Antarctica to the jungles of Indonesia. Aviatech has built a strong reputation for their weather-resistant facilities that can be anchored onto any ground type.

Fast execution when disaster strikes

In such extreme conditions, a fast response can be the difference between death and life for the impacted society members. Aviatech has numerous inflatable facilities in stock at all times and can be deployed and erected within days. Inflatable facilities are a very convenient and efficient solution for the immediate storage of supplies and equipment to bring comfort to people in need.