Minimal infrastructure, extreme climates and fast deployment are days to day challenges the defense forces need to account for. To always be prepared, Aviatech hangars are the perfect solution to keep in inventory for fast execution.

Hangars for national security

Faced with the imminent threat, the Defense Forces are required to be ready for any situation at all times. Often deployed in remote destinations with limited infrastructure, Aviatech hangars are quickly implemented, easily transportable and designed to withstand extreme climates. The highly customizable nature allow use for any requirement from storage and maintenance to staff recreation.

Minimal transportation infrastructure required

Some deployments take place in home countries, while a majority of defense contracts take place in highly isolated and remote destinations. These remote destinations often face scarce infrastructure in place to fulfill the desired mission. Aviatech hangars are packed into 20 or 40 shipping containers to allow for seamless transportation using air, sea or ground freight. The compact nature of the hangars permits deployment in the most remote locations globally.

Designed to withstand

When the defense force is called upon for immediate assistance, there is no time to consider the type of climates the mission will incur. Top priority in extreme weather conditions is the safety of the staff and the security of the equipment. Aviatech inflatable shelters are fabricated from PVC material, making them impervious to corrosion due to humid climates while strong enough to withstand heavy snow in arctic climates.

Ready for anything

Never knowing when the enemy may attack, the defense force needs to be prepared for any situation and circumstance. Military equipment needs to be on hand at all times to ensure the soldiers are prepared and ready to defend. Aviatech inflatable hangars are a great solution for equipment warehousing, keep them safe and secure through operations. The quick deployment of the inflatable hangar allows for the erection of a safe and secure warehouse in under 24 hours.