Construction Hangar

The advanced design of Aviatech inflatable hangars create safe and secure indoor facilities for the problems the construction industry face day to day.

Temporary construction hangar facilities

For optimal operation efficiencies, construction companies need to be prepared to undertake a variety of tasks. Outdoor construction leaves organizations vulnerable to weather conditions which frequently impedes their ability to perform projects within agreed time frames. The innovative design of Aviatech inflatable facilities provide tailored solutions for all types of construction work.

Ideal for short term projects: Construction hangar

The short-term nature of construction projects makes building a structured facility at their sites non-efficient. Having to relocate many times throughout the year, resources are wasted, and they become a financial burden on the company. Swift deployment, ability to reuse and fast erection make Aviatech inflatable hangars ideal for continual construction facilities at different locations.

Sensitive materials protected

The heavily regulated construction industry requires all materials used to be of a certain quality to avoid collapse or destruction. Cement and many construction materials are subject to retardation if there is a slight fluctuation in the external environment. Powered with diesel powered heating systems, Aviatech Construction hangars to maintain standardized temperatures and protection from the external environment.

Indoor solution for hazardous chemicals

Hazardous chemicals in construction materials, make traditional construction workshops susceptible to erosion and rust. While internal welding and soldering can emit hazardous chemicals into the air impacting the health of staff. The resilient nature of Aviatech Constructionhangars allows for multipurpose usage of construction facilities, while the state of the art ventilation systems protects staff from any health risks.