How we do it

Understanding the customer needs and tailoring the solution. CAD engineering of each hangar is always the key to success.

Engineered to resist hard and changing environmental condition in remote locations, extreme rains, winds, snow, and sandstorms. The high-resistance fabric does not corrode and is flame-retardant, supporting to extinguish any flame and providing an added safety if a fire occurs. Our researchers, engineers, and architects continuously work on improvement of our solutions.

Tell us about your project and needs:

Design and engineering
Each hangar is designed in close collaboration of the customer and our in-house architects, engineers, and researchers. Depending on the project requirement, we either utilize existing designs or develop new features, functionality, and options. Upon completion of the engineering process, a full digital layout of the facility is available for production tracking and product quality assurance purposes.
The 7000 square meters large production facility fits most modern industrial high-speed welding systems, digital cutters, and plotters. This state of the art technology helps us to speed up the production process as well as deliver the best quality of our work. All new features and designs are field tested in the pre-production phase on full-scale mock-ups to assure reliable execution of the engineering.

Packing and delivery
The packing options depend on the delivery means requested by the customer. For maritime, railroad, and truck shipping, we utilize 20ft and 40ft containers. In case of air delivery, the frames, hangar components, spare part kit, and accessories are packed into wooden crates. The size of each piece typically does not exceed airline standards, so most of the cargo can be delivered by passenger airlines.

A dedicated supervisor visits the erection location to help with initial deployment. The team exchanges theoretical knowledge and runs practical exercises in erection, deflation, and packing.
Erection of inflatable hangar is straightforward. Our buildings do not require foundation or groundworks. It is sufficient to have more or less level terrain. Typically, a team of 12 unskilled workers can deploy the structure in 2 or 3 days. Aviatech provides a construction supervisor to support your installation team, or you can install the structure guided by our installation manuals. Aviatech can also carry out the turn-key erection.

Operations and maintenance
Start your daily operations the next second after facility deployment. The hangar withstands high wind speed, sun heat, and heavy snowfall. Enjoy maintenance free operation.

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Looking for a portable hangar?

Production from 14 days
Erect or relocate it in 2 days
Transport by helicopter or airplane
No construction permits
Suitable for any terrain
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