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A standard hangar delivery kit includes energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures. To suit customer requirement, we can replace it with any commonly used light fittings and installations, including explosion proof and hazardous locations lighting fixtures.


Various heating systems can be integrated depending on the nature of the facility. We can offer portable inside or standalone outside the building heating units that utilize existing energy sources on site like diesel, electricity, gas or LPG.

Air Conditioning

As a part of facility, industrial cooling units can be provided for the whole or specific areas within the building to suit the customer needs. Mobile inside the building, outside stand-alone and trailer mounted air conditioning solutions are available.


Our buildings come with ventilation openings to allow natural ventilation. Additional openings can be positioned and fitted with ventilation fans to provide more air changes per hour. Paint spray, fumes and exhaust extraction can be accommodated within our structures.

Fire alarming and suppression

A fire alarm system may be integrated to detect and warn employees through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are present. To prevent the spread of fire in a building, a fire suppression system is made available.

Power generation and distribution

As part of the service we can also undertake power delivery across the hangar or even the whole site. Arrive at the jobsite professionally prepared with top of the line power generation equipment, distribution panels and in place power cabling.

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