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Aviatech – reliability matters

Aviatech provides large inflatable maintenance and warehousing facilities for a broad array of industries. We deliver turnkey solutions even in the most remote and hardly accessible locations on the planet. The compact packing and light weight allow us to ship the hangars by air cargo. Manufacturing a custom size hangar takes less than 35 days. Our structures are recognized for their easy and fast deployment, wide operating temperature range, high wind resistance, durability and environmental friendliness.

Our story

In 2001, a team of researchers coupled with expert engineers to design a portable shelter for luxurious yachts. It was a primary goal that the hangar shall leave a minimal environmental footprint to the environment. After spending countless hours on development, the first, manually produced hangar was ready. Local representatives of Coca-Cola and Kodak noticed this solution, and we gradually developed into one of a leading producer of non-hermetic inflatable hangars globally.

Our story
Quantity of hangars 223+
Labor hours per hangar 24/7
Team 80+

Today, each project is digitally engineered in CAD. The production facility covers 7000 square meters and fits most modern industrial high-speed welding systems, digital cutters, and plotters. This state of the art technology helps us to speed up the production process as well as deliver the best quality of our work.

Our hangars

Aviatech offers comprehensive solutions to our customers across different industries, including construction, oil & gas, mining, aviation, and defense. Our portfolio counts over 250 successfully executed projects all over the world, covering most terrains and climatic zones.

We manufacture custom built inflatable structures to fulfill customer specific requirements. Our portable hangars withstand temperatures of from -50 up to +70 ℃ and up to 45 m/s in the world’s harshest climates.

Our hangars

Fast manufacturing and ability to deliver by air cargo makes our solution a valuable asset in projects with quick turnaround and short mobilization time. The lightweight nature of the hangar is a perfect fit for projects with limited transportation access. Erection of our structures is so simple that there is no need for any skilled professionals or special tools.

Inflatable hangars have no foundation and therefore are considered temporary structures in terms of legislation, so our customers don't need construction permits to erect and can deploy the facility whenever they need.

Environmentally friendly erection of the hangars leave no environmental footprint to surrounding nature after our customers move their facilities. The reinforced PVC materials used in production are fully recyclable and reusable.

Our promise

Our commitment to innovation ensures that our engineering team continually advance our solutions, source the highest quality materials and stay up to date with the latest technology. Our forward-thinking researchers continue to theorize and test new solutions to ensure our hangars are best in class.

Our promise

We pride ourselves on the reliability and longevity of our hangars and shelters. We work to ensure our team delivers world-class customer service to our partners. Ensuring no stone is left unturned, we work collectively to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied with their hangar solution. The Aviatech team is committed to working with customers from conception to execution. It is this promise that has seen our brand grow to be the leading supplier of inflatable hangars globally.

Our customers
Liebherr Halliburton Sarens Indonesian Air Force
Reneissance Industries Mammoet Yamata Nabors
Russian Helicopters Chilean Air Force ERG AVIC
Looking for a portable hangar?

Production from 14 days
Erect or relocate it in 2 days
Transport by helicopter or airplane
No construction permits
Suitable for any terrain