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Delivery from 30 days and no need of construction permits. Large portable hangars that extend and speed up your operational capabilities, leaving no environmental footprint.

Build to last, built to move

Sarens faced challenging HSE regulations and demanded a carefully engineered facilities for their remote operations in Tengiz oilfield.

Erection in 2 days Team of 12 unskilled workers

Up to 45 m/s Withstanding hurricanes and any perceptions

From 72 hours Cost effective delivery by passenger airline

A tailor-made facility that is simple and fast to erect by your own crew in just 2 days. Inflatable hangars stand hurricanes, heat, cold, heavy rain and snow with ceiling maximum load up to 200 kg/square meter. Structures without foundation are earthquake proof as well as are less damaged by nearby explosion blasts.

Our hangars are lightweight and take little space that makes them suitable for delivery by any means including helicopters and passenger airlines, which is far more cost-effective than hiring a charter aircraft.
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Liebherr Halliburton Sarens Indonesian Air Force
Reneissance Industries Mammoet Yamata Nabors
Russian Helicopters Chilean Air Force ERG AVIC
Inflatable hangar — a mobile and reliable solution
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About inflatable structures

Our clear span hangars are erected without foundation, and therefore, in terms of legislation, they are considered temporary. On the one hand, compact packing and light weight make inflatable hangars easy to handle and relocate. On the other hand, the structure is extremely rigid and can serve as a permanent facility. Our portable inflatable hangars meet the need of various industries including aviation, mining, construction, security, etc.

Hundreds of hangars delivered worldwide. Deployed on every terrain type in every climate zone. Proven successful for the performance of withstanding extreme heat, cold, snow, ice, sand storms, and severe winds.

The hangar is corrosive resistant as it contains no metal in structural elements. The extensive service life of the hangars is a minimum of 17-years. Consequent refurbishment and extension make the operation of the portable hangar easy and hassle-free.

Flame retardant materials used in the structure combined with the internal air pressure of the frame, make sure the hangar is incapable of taking on the fire. The modular construction of the frames guarantees high wind and snow load resistance.

Portable hangars reduce the need to construct multiple facilities. They are easily transportable, making them an excellent option for multiple projects. Our hangars can be used anywhere regardless of local regulations. Approvals and construction permits are not required due to the temporary nature of the structure. Deliver your hangar in every corner of the planet using air, land, and water.

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Production from 14 days
Erect or relocate it in 2 days
Transport by helicopter or airplane
No construction permits
Suitable for any terrain